Friday, June 4, 2010

Recent Arts

Bloggers! I keep meaning to update this barren wasteland of artistic run-off with major arts I'm cramming into that one other website.

This was an idea I'd been playing with for about a week, then drew up in like, 15 minutes, which then proceeded to become insanely popular. Kids these days, huh? I was venting, as per usual with this. Some people just never get the comeuppance they deserve.

Ooooh, I'm so flexible and EXPERIMEEEENTAAAL. I do like being able to tackle practically any style I can think of...but boy, even I think I can be pretentious. I think over summer, with my (hopefully!) impending entry to animation college come October, I'll try stick to being as cartoony as I can. Within an artistic range, of course, but goddamn I need to loosen up! I EXPECT YOU PEOPLE TO HOLD ME TO THAT.

And this was for my BFF and future wife Julian, because I wuv him thaaaaat much. Much cartoonier, and hence, more likeable. COME ONE HANDS, TAKE A HINT.

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