Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Charming the Ladies.

First up, a beautiful young lady by the name of Anna Claydon. Anna Banana enquired about caricaturing her, and me being God's gift to women, I was simply delighted to oblige. And not just because I love my limey chum to bits, but because on top of being cute as the dickens, Anna has an interesting face to profile.

These are a few studies I did in getting accustomed to her features and cartooning them. I felt so pro doodling these up! As you can see I adore her beautiful big eyes.

This is my final sketch. Still lots of work... I tried my hardest to draw a Star Trek communicator to incorporate her, ahem, fetish with the original series. Alas. I am not nerd enough.

Finished piece!

Not as polished as I'd like, because GIMP has failed me yet again. My kingdom for Photoshop Elements!
Anyway, next foxy lady up on my hitlist is one Skylar Sunday. Here be some pencils. Accurate? I dunnoooooo. My art makes people wonky.

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Lady Sunday said...

Love these. <333 Your style has integrated a bit of Katie Rice I see... keep up the work!: D