Friday, August 6, 2010

A Long One.

Long blog post, that is. Glad you came to this link now, aren'tcha?

Up first are some Hooky doodles. Boy, I had a day this week where I was channeling her enthusiasm, or something, I just couldn't stop.

Enthusiastic enough to use my markers, even!

At the bottom there, Hooky is exploring my
latest musical craze.

Fun stuff.

In other news, the results for the Leaving Cert are out in naught but two weeks. Shitting myself? Why yes, yes I am. I'm nice and screwed if I don't get the one and only course I want, I honestly don't know what to do! Oh well, time will reveal all.

Finally for now, my good friend Justin Jones, viking artist extrodinaire has set up his own website. Humourous and educational, I highly recommend a visit. Peace out y'all.

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