Sunday, February 28, 2010


My portfolio is almost finished! Thank you jeebus.
Here'ssome life-drawing, because apparently people want to see it.


Margamoth said...

man. you should give me some portfolio building tips.

Louise Fitzpatrick said...

Um. I suppose I found having a teacher or someone to guide you made the whole thing a milion times easier, especially if they're encouraging. And you mihgt want to check the requirements for your courses, they might be different, but certainly variety is a good thing. Explore different media, different methods of work. Notebooks and sketchpads are nice because the thinking behind your work can be more interesting than finished pieces. And practice life-drawing and still-life like there's no tomorrow, to back up whatever stylisation you're into.
And if that ruins your chances of getting into college, my sincerest apologies, guvnah.

Margamoth said...

aye. my teacher's a bitch douche, but i think i've got all that covered anyhow. i just need to actually work on it. the whole comics thing ain't going too well, so i'll just work on some fine art for the next few days. and sketchbooks i got down.
thanks, scuzzy. much obliged.

Margamoth said...
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mc gannimation said...

stuff looks great you will sail in