Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Undedicated Fan.

An undedicated fan does not finish fanart. Case in point? Me.

Not that I'm particularly a fan of Spliced, a new show dropped onto the laps of kids this week by Nicktoons UK.

Pretty good idea for a show. Cute funny characters, with some hilarious dialogue and nice key poses. The one problem? Canadian Flash animation. God damn you Nelvana! But aside from eye-raping tweens, it's bearable as it gets. Love the two main characters, as indicated by my overzealous doodling.

Moving onto better animated things, went to see Disney's "The Princess and The Frog". To keep to a quick critique, it deserves 7/10. This discounting the nostalgia factor that made it seem SO UBER FANTASTIC. Which it did, this film could have been made 20 years ago. Pretty formulaic, and damn boring main characters. I'm beginning to think the long-lasting appeal of Disney is through characters with so little personality that they can't possibly offend anyone at any period of time. The supporting characters are what held the film together for me. I particularly enjoyed the cartoony motion on Louis, whose animation was supervised by the genius Eric Goldberg. Why can't all of the characters be as cartoony and fun? It'd be frantic. But it'd be good fun to look at.

"Who wants to toot my horn, ladies?"

Charlotte, another unimportant character story wise was who I wished the story revolved around. Much more interesting to look at than Tiana, and with the best slutty Southern accent you've ever heard. Because that was one of the main reasons I loved this movie. I love dirty Southern accents. Jim Cummings killed me, gentlemen. KILLED ME.
And a very obvious reason to love this film is the best Disney villian in forever. Broad claim, but I loved Dr. Facilier. Voodoo is such an awesome thing. Wish Celts had some pasty white equivilant. Gotta look into that.

Fanart ahoy! I wonder how Disney would react to art like this?

And some arbitrary gross Mickey Mouse fanart to end with. That's that wrapped up then.

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