Saturday, September 20, 2008

Connivin' about Ivan and other short stories.

Yeesh. Somebody stop me before I make another post with another horrible title.

Anyway, I've been trying to flesh out my freak characters this week, just so I have a more 3-dimensional. I think a lot about my characters. I try to form them as close to real people as I can. What's the point of having an entirely 2-D cartoon, yanno?
This week I was thinking about Ivan. You know, the bug guy no-one knows about. One of the main aspects of his character is that he's the biggest bastard ever. He cannot speak a sentence without using an expletive. But that's part of his character, it's as much a protection from the big world that never gave him a chance as his disguise is. He's probably a very scared individual, for how much of a jackass he is. Here's some sketches.

I need to practice him, really, my drawing skills of him are HORRIBLE. It's sort of a shame I have to hide his cool design all the time. Especially his wings. i was drawing this, and I was imagining all the things I could do with his cool wings. I'll probably save it for a fight scene or some jazz.

I also doodled this Vinnie. Face it. if any of you were faced with your choice of mate from the freaks, you'd all choose this black Adonis. I fucking would. The tattoo's possibly from prison. I'll work on developing Vinnie this week, and then I'll post my findings. I want to do out a proper version of this doodle, I'll totally look up some anatomy for it though. Eugh, my drawings suck. And yes, Paco is totally gay. I'll explain that when I get around to him too.

In other news, I had my first paid art job today. My parents laughably called it a commission. I was doing face-painting at this promotion at a butcher's. But it was fine, if tiring. 4 HOURS OF SITTING IN A CHAIR PAINTING KIDS JUST DRAAAAAAAAGS BY. I got 50 euro for my troubles though, so I guess it's okay. Some kid wanted, like, the Aresenal crest though It was a real "YOU STUPID KID" moment. I did anyway though. It was horrible.

Aaaaaand my head hurts, so good night.

Edit: Ooooooooh shit. I'm listening to "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, and it's totally reminding me of Vinnie. Here's an example of the lyrics I wanna to fuck you like an animal/I want to feel you from the inside/I wanna fuck you like an animal/mywhole existance is flawed/you bring me CLOSER TO GOD It's actualy a pretty fucking sexy song, but....JEEZ. It's amusing though. I'm getting a picture out of this.


Circe said...

i am gonna love ivan. so u doing the "start all over" thing for hooky, right? youll have fun.

Louise F. said...

I'M GLAD SOMEONE DOES. Everybody seems to go for Screwy over everyone else, I just don't gettit.
And I'm not starting over, but I'm changing tiny elements, and I'm constantly trying to think of small links between bigger episodes in the story, which I had problems with before. But people have said to me Hooky seems like a thing that'll take me a lifetime to perfect, and for how much it means to me, I'd rather spend my life getting it just right then getting something published tomorrow for it to be crap, yanno? That was rambling, sorry. Long story short, I want Hooky to be EPIC with a capital win, no matter how long it takes.

Circe said...

i cant wait to see what you have in store for the world, man, ill be one of yer first fans, dont forget it *puts on "Louise is numbah 1" hat*

Circe said...

i forgot to say...
if i was gonna go and mate wif one of the freaks, it would freaking be dakota.
it just would.
dont hit me.
and paco looks so cute and gay in the vinnie sketch.
paco IS cute all ways. and he has a cool hat.