Friday, October 3, 2008

Themes to come.

So here's one for all them artists out there. Your projects, your stories, your comics, ask yourself this about them.

Do they have a theme?
Because I've found out, all of mine most certainly do.
Great thing is, I can liken them all to something relevant or of importance to me, and that would be appreciated by other people. They're pretty universal themes, so they're bound to appeal to anyone, you know?
Here's the run-down.

Hooky: There's two possibly to be included here, first of which being ostracism. Basic fact is, almost of of the characters in the story (and definitely all the main ones) have been ostracized throughout their lives. Hooky will be in school, Laurie has been, Cathy, to a lesser extent, has been too, and, most obviously all the freaks have. This is really the baseline for everything that happens in the story. Why the freaks are so colletcively violent, why Hooky meetes Laurie, why Laurie is so intent to form a bond with Hooky, why Catherine hates Hooky so very much, it all comes down with the simple human refusal to fully accept what goes beyond the normality we'd all like in our lives. And who can't identify with this? Chances are, if you're even reading a comic, or animaiton (the latter being more likely for Hooky) you're more then likely ostracized by someone. I mean, realistically, someone thinks you're a loser. It even works for me on a personal level as well, so I think this angle would really give Hooky a lot more direction and meaning than just LOL SHE'S AN OKAY GUY WITH HOOKS AND DOESN'T AFRAID OF ANYTHING.
The second theme is to be a point on the futility of violence. Look t it in this light. The freaks, feeling rejected, betrayed and ostracized (gratuitous word use is fun), they go and commit acts of violence. And they go home, and they still rejected, betrayed and ostracized. They haven't gotten revenge, they haven't justififed anyway they feel or relieved themselves. Much like real life, really. Is violence an answer to anything? Do the ends ever really justfy the means? This is what the undercurrent of this theme is there for, to present questions for the audience, and maybe for them to even examine their own views of global violence. In the story, most people react to unprovoked violence with nothing more then vague interest and even apathy. This mirrors the real world, unfortunately. I've seen this apathy. This apathy is in me too, and I recognise that, but I want to make the audience recognise it in themselves too.

Phew. I'm all tired now. I'll discuss the others tomorrow.

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Circe said...

im liking this. and i like that your posting the theme so i know what to look for in you book.
im pretty sure is "things are not what they seem" "fitting in" and "run away from your problems?"
for under my bed is
"courage" and "fear"
i dunno if those are actually themes.