Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feeling Poetic.

Which is weird, because normally I find poetry pretentious or over-rated. I normally prefer prose, at any rate. But my interest in writing was peaked this week with a lot of emotion, so let's see if I'm any good at this.
Note, I AM embarrassed to be posting poetry, for several reasons, so give me an opinion, but don't be too harsh, yes? That's a good dear.

"Take heart, you youth"
We who have been entwined by the veins,
Or who take life by the hand and
Lead it down the path
Which less chose.
"Why I think we're the first to be here"
Should be what we say, underneath
Boughs of sweeping gold.

For I have grown sore of the Emerald,
Dim and dull in the light.
And the Saints and Scholars could never
Catch my soul in their hands,
So grey and unlike His.

The will sits with me but the way is yet
Far, far removed,
Probably on the plane we never got,
The Earth as a mile would be all we had,
And for all the grief,
I'd want you to think;
A minor knows,
The smallest gem is worth the means.

Sweet Maloney, I feel foolish. It's either going to be too ambiguous to enjoy or be far more transparent then what I wanted.
Oh well.

-EDEET- Forgot to mention, I've been concerned with my comics lately, most specifically Corpus. Hopefully with all my thinking and conceptualising I'll get good art done, pages too. Who knew thinking could be so beneficial?

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