Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Faeries and Fays and Phookas, oh my.

I don't have a fondness for living in Ireland, not much of one anyway. However, I can appreciate the benefits of being Irish. Most of all the tripped out mythology we get.
I liked all manner of fairy tales when i was a kid, but the Irish ones interested me the most. And out of all those ones, I liked the ones about the wee folk and faeries most of all. As I child I had an unshakable belief the faeries exist (and while it's waned, I'm certainly not saying they don't), and I'd go exploring to see if I could find any, in locations typically listed in the many books I had, although in a pinch, I'd check peculiar trees in the park too. I even got letters from faeries, which would be left under my pillow as I slept. Obviously, it was my parents, and while I was crushed, I still wrote those letters, imploring the faeries to show themselves, and confirm my faith was anything but misguided.
And so, I went and designed my own little faerie. I never believed in the butterfly-winged, dainty dress wearing faerie, even as a kid (blame Brian Froud), so my little chick is a bit less imaginary, probably closer to what evolution would dictate....maaaaaybe. She has no need for any legs, really, just one long appendage with a joint in the middle, seeing as she'd merely fly everywhere, or hover or something. I also like the thought of faeries being primitive little things, more sad, slow little remnants of the ancient race of mythical beings which existed on Earth before the humans (according to the Celts. I would like to think of them as placid though, more like a deer or a squirrel in personality, probably scared of humans, but offer them something nice, and their instincts might be clouded out of curiosity. I guess I'm thinking of them in more terms of animals then little people.
I'd like to use this design someday, in a movie or something, if I ever got that opportunity.
The sketch at the side is one coming out of an egg, rather like a reptile, for as you can see, my little faerie has no crotch. Poor love.

Now I'm off to paint.

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