Monday, October 13, 2008

A Big Club Sandwich of Negative Emotion.

So the cycle goes like this: jealousy, which turns to anger, which turns to guilt, which becomes sadness which transforms into lonliness which turns back to jealousy.
*facepalms* I'm such a thoughtless bitch, stewing like a big shitfaced strudel. I could make myself puke were it not for the ersatz justification I seem to believe in.


Circe said...

WHAT? louise, hun, are you ok?! NEVER call yourself a bitch, young lady, NEVER!

Louise F. said...

I'm grand, but yanno, you feel shit sometimes. AND WHAT ARE YOU, MY MOTHER?
Besides that, how're you? I know you haven't been all too good either.

Circe said...

oh, ive never been all to good, louise, but YA KNOW IM GRAND TO <3 but the cncern isnt on me here, its on you. now, sit down, send me a note on DA and let it all out.