Saturday, October 4, 2008

That even Death may Die.

Woooo, dramatic title. A useless title now, really, seeing as my new thing is hardly referencing Lovecraft anymore. BUT THATS NO REASON NOT TO ILLUMINATE YOU ON IT'S PREMISE, EH?

So my first idea was about Cthulhu, and a kid interested in the occult who thinks he's summoned him, and thus he has to do whatever he wishes. That is, of course, bullshit to Cthulhu, he rose of his own volition because the stars were right.
The problem with that, thoguh, was the immense amount of comics already based on Cthulhu. I kid you not, there are....loads. It wasn't even encouraging how many Lovecraft comics exist. It's just plain depressing, especially seeing as none of them capture anything I imagine from Lovecraft stories.
Drawing on that, I disregarded any previous work, and started by scratch.
Our main character is Ramone (to the right), a 19 year old slacker living in the town of Ambrose South, a secular community, a town as coldly logical as the Alaskan penninsula on which it's located. Ramone doesn't have a lot. He's not too good in school, he has no really discernable talents, and he's pretty far removed from the regular lives of most teenagers. And he hates the cold.
He does have one thing though, one thing that makes up for the entire bland gloop his life seems to be turning into. He has an unfathomably deep belief in the occult. Not just a belief; a conviciton. I've once again made sure the character is a logical product of his past. His interest would have stemmed form the fatc, despite Ambrose South being a very secular town, his mother is a pretty religious person. His ex step-father and her would argue over this fact. This would have made religion not only a tense, but a prevailent subject in his growing up. He also works in the town ancient library he used to love visiting as a child, and no doubt the books and stories he found there had a hand in the turning of his mind. I was orignally making him to be likened to Charles Dexter Ward, but I've still not finished that story, and Ward has developed into a characert I couldn't make Ramone resemble anyway.
I have more sketches, but I'll talk about them later. Use your imaginations for the moment.


Circe said...

CTHULHU? really? thats awesome!
this looks like something to look forward to! ramone...he isnt as hot as rowan, nuh-uh, but he looks badass.
and i love the hair.
dude, anything with monsters, im 100% for it!

Anonymous said...

wow i have to say ur good at your art im a some what artist my self more of a cartoonist but u get my point we should talk some time