Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it Luck?

That I had such a lovely birthday weekend, is it luck? IS IT LUCK WELL IS IIIIT?
Yeah, bought Primus with the wonderfully and unexpectedly large amount of money I got for the ol' 17th, and I'd have been a thoroughly uncreative individual to not quote or be inspired by it. So hang around for works.
I must admit I cant help feel guilty wanting to talk about what a nice time I had knowing what a bad time people had on their respective birthdays, or what nasty weekends friends are having. Wonder if that's luck too. Maybe it's just a hat trick.
Anyway, on Friday we got pizza and rented "Lars and The Real Girl", a really amazing movie. Sure, my parents only got it because it had "Lars" in the title...but it was really spectacular. I'd recommend it to any woman without a doubt. Then I dunno whether men would like it, but irregardless, it's awesome.
Then on Saturday, we went shopping, bought lovely things, got sushi, went to see "Igor". It was no where near as shit as people were saying. I liked the animation (mostly), the designs and some of the dialogue. The plot was bland and predictable, but everything else made it easy to overlook.
My friends also got Amy to draw a picture and got it printed on a t-shirt, it was so thoughtful. I'll get a photo soon. Or something.
Um, boastful...feeling. Yeah, I'll keep drawing over the mid term.

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Circe said...

aww, my wonderful and beautiful louise is 17!! ah, your almost out of the woods, mah dear(talking bout the school).
"lars" hahaha...ha.
im glad you had a great b-day. need to work on yer present, mam.