Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brain Spittle.

Exactly. Stuff churning around my brain, being spat out onto unfortunate pages. This first fella is what I call "Contemporary Death". Please, I beg of you, full view the damn thing. I don't like archetypes of characters in design, so I took my own spin on the ever feared physical manifestation of death. Why people would create such a thing to purely frighten themselves, is beyond me, but how and ever.
Walking through the design, he has the stereotypical skull head. He lacks a mouth however, because obviously, death cannot talk, and will not negotiate or reply to anything you have to say. Also, beyond the base of his neck is skin, but that of a dead person, as indicated by his pathologists tattoo (I believe that's the right term), the scar from what would have been his autopsy. And the suit has no significance, I just really think suits are the shit. His hourglass would be replaced by a digital readout too, only I haven't drawn it here. Maybe it could be sitting in the skin at his stomach, or something. At any rate, I'll need to paint him. he might even manifest in Corpus if I can make it happen. He's Rowan's employer, after all.

The second piece is just me messing with a logo. A lot of young artists I know have optimistically decided to jump the gun and assume they'll all have their own studios someday. Not that I genuinely believe I'll have a publishing firm/animation studio/awesome factory, but it's still nice to imagine. Versa? Maybe not. The title was obviously originally "Vice Versa" but I think this has a better chance of not being done before. Maybe. I dunno.

That was way too long. Back to your stations, men.

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