Friday, August 22, 2008

Important Corpus planning information, y'all.

I've been planning out Corpus issues and came to the deciding of who's cameo stories get told in which order. I went by the fairest method I could, and chose the names randomly out of a bag.
The list in order of release is;

1- Justin, Decay.
2- Julian, Death.
3- Circe, Insanity.
4- Erica & Kevin, Love.
5- Lars, Life.
6- Anna, Fear.

Everyone has been given a theme central to their story, which reflects the message they are trying to portray to Rowan, and it also has some bearing on the actual person in some way, in something I noticed in some aspect of their personalities or attitudes. I may need to talk to people to pin down their stories better (I have nothing against writing being collaborative), and if anyone has objections or queries, ya know where to contact me.
Some people who wanted cameos aren't included in this list because I need help settling things and getting information. So comply plz.

Sorta exciting, innit?


J of Star said...

mine sounds good. carry on.

Anonymous said...

needless to say, i have no complaints with being first.