Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nonsense about Saint Patrick's Cathedral.

Visited Saint Patrick's Cathedral for the first time with the family yesterday. It's a little ridiculous, of course, never visiting these places in your own city, but whatever.

I'm not going to explain much about the church, looking it up here is easier.

No, this post is reserved for some photos I got. I like photography a bit, and the church could be used for some great inspiration, so.

This was a cool inscription. It started with "Underneath this earth is interred the last mortal remains of...". That's the way to die, I'm telling ya. I liked the skull at the top most, seeing as no other inscriptions had any signs of death on them. There was lots of Latin floating around, which was helpful for "Corpus".

HOW PATRIOTIC. This has nothing to do with anything, I just liked the shadows on it.

I've always wanted to depict angels. I thought that despite not being a Catholic cathedral (It was Church of Ireland) it was still pretty decorated. That may of course have just been to show off all the historical stuff, but it was still curious to me.

The altar was well-kept. Again, this could easily be inspiration for something.

This was over the Virgin altar.

And this was a war memorial, for the Crimean War, and the two World Wars. There were fresh wreaths laid out by someone.

Also went to see "The Dark Knight" this week. I'd do it no justice by trying to praise it, but wow. I normally hate Batman's guts, not after that delicious romp. That's right, I said romp.


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